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The cattery "MERKABA*PL" is registered in SKR club, acting under the auspices of WCF .

Peterbald - Lena i TashaPeterbald_Warren"Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped like gods. They have not forgotten it..."

Peterbald is a cat which does not run away in the face of something unknown. On the contrary. Each new thing induces its great curiosity. It will peer into a vacuum cleaner pipe, it will eagerly find out who is drilling holes in the wall and will welcome guests affectionately...

20 years ago one could only dream about an animal which would combine this extraordinary curiosity, gentleness, intelligence, elegance and charm, cleverness of the look and uncommon beauty. Even among people it was hard to notice such combination of wonderful features, and it has been achieved only by peterbalds...

While getting to know peterbalds and spending time with them it suddenly turns out that in fact we do not know who we are dealing with - monkeys, dogs, cats or some Russian experiment. Extremely successful after all...

Peterbald - LenaJa i LenaExtraordinary intelligence of peterbalds makes us think thousand times whether we will not hurt these animals before we utter any words addressed to them. The loyalty of a dog that a peterbald has makes this bald creature become our friend until the end of our lives. By teaching it sensitivity and delicacy, its mild temper also lets it become friends with a child.

Peterbald requires constant attention. Therefore, if you do not have time and need an animal which would nicely fit the interior of your house - let a peterbald stay in a cattery. It does not fit on a shelf as well as should not be a decoration of a newly bought sofa. This is an active and vivaciuos animal and if you do not notice these features in your peterbald, it will be a sign of boredom, cat depression or illness.

Peterbald is addictive and I am a perfect example of this... The first symptom is the desire to become a member of the group of sphinxo-maniacs. The second stage of addiction is an irresistible desire to increase your herd. The third stage is lack of control over the purchase of next peterbalds. Then you should just undergo some treatment …

Peterbald is Nature's Miracle in the form of an Angel. It brings peace and harmony to your home - that is everything which makes us feel happy.
So today I can say that I have experienced a Miracle and saw an Angel...


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