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peterbald_naszekoty_hugo1 Hugo  Info Pedigree Test FIV i FeLV Parents Achievements
International Champion Coblin  / Gato-Balchis*LT /

This blue-eyed bachelor in "chocolate point" colour is a proof that thought affects matter. Search for a kitten for breeding was not easy. I spent on this a lot of time, much energy combined with stress and uncertainty full of extreme emotions, to eventually face the day when Hugo became the ruler of the cat harem, and I became the owner of a cute handsome guy from Lithuania that I prepared this harem for.

He is the first and probably the only blue-eyed, hairless "chocolate point" peterbald in Poland. And it would not be so important if it is not for the fact that, apart from beautiful colour, nature gave him wonderful, angelic character.


Hugo's characteristics are like the first prize in a lottery, and his beauty - like an additional bonus in this lottery.

His ostentatious showing of emotions to everyone he sees - including people who are complete strangers to him - makes him able to move the greatest enemy of cats. Being addicted to sensitivity, he tries to get it at any price, as well as to trick everyone out of this. This insolence has become infectious. It now works both ways. I knew from the beginning that it is a matter of time when it is me who would start to be anxious to please him.

peterbald_naszekoty_hugo3 Hugo is completely in love with Lena - a girl from his harem. And this is no sugary love story. I would say – such love does not happen...

He can hypnotize with his charm and child-like innocence. He demands constant attention
and to confirm him always in the conviction that he is loved. Each attempt to leave him at home results in a crying manifestation and request for taking him along. He is not a territorial cat, which makes those elicited walks together easier. And you can take him anywhere...

All of these characteristics of Hugo, his behaviour and phenomenal beauty, make him an unusual immigrant from Lithuania...

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