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peterbald_naszekoty_tasha1 Tasha  Info Pedigree Test FIV i FeLV Achievements
International Champion Baszi Ra / Dom Słońca*PL /

She is a vigorous hooligan who demands everything loudly. She uses her indefatigable energy for screams and singing. She is a cat that is "perfected" in each detail. Slim silhouette, spirit of an athlete and phenomenal good looks make her exceptionally beautiful.


Her self-reliance and independence is only apparent. To be fully happy, she needs the presence of her carer, so she organizes plays and sleep anywhere she can find someone beside her. She also sets herself the times of meals, time for caresses or outdoor walks.

Tasha is an individualist who dominates in her group. And though she does not need to lead the group - other cats subordinate to her due to her dominant character.

She is a chatterbox who immediately becomes silent when she sees insects. In such situations she undergoes a metamorphosis. Buddhist calmness becomes her ally.


Entomology has become a field of science she is an enthusiasts of, and she spends hours on watching insect, which is impossible to be interrupted.

And she will win every show, unless some small fly appears on the table that will detach her from reality for a longer time...

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