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peterbald_naszekoty_lena1 Lena    Test FIV i FeLV Achievements
International Champion Bahi Ra / Dom Słońca*PL /

A long-legged lady with slim silhouette and incredible elegance, came to us from the cattery "Dom Slonca". Knowing that at the house she came from she had perfect conditions and very good, tender care of her breeder, I decided to take another cat female from the same litter under my roof.

Lena is full of dignity and has a seductive look.

There is no way to pass without admiring this ethereal cat...
Lena's sensitivity and gentleness is present both in her view and elegant moves. Such gift should pass on to the next generation...

peterbald_naszekoty_lena2 Her relationship with Hugo is not only a guarantee of a beautiful litter, but also a guarantee of wonderful character and outstanding intelligence.


Lena's attachment and her loyalty, intelligence and ability to learn commands fast add  sharpness to her green eyes, and subtle moves almost order to treat her extremely gently.

She is for us a gift from heaven …

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