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All information concerning care, health and nutrition are based on my own experience. Experience taken from life by the side of peterbalds.



The quantity of served food should be adapted to the needs of a peterbald. If we have at home one animal which has actually chosen a lazy lifestyle out of necessity, having no companion to play with, it is obvious that food serving should be reduced. We have to remember that it is easy to overfeed an animal and it is much harder to make it break the habit of having snacks.

The same thing applies to vigorous animals and overzealous owners feeding a cat more than it should eat. The result is a rapidly fattening, hanging tummy. I admit that I have learned it from my own mistakes. I was able to watch this stage of gaining weight in my peterbald.

Even in nature we can observe balance and harmony - it is worth remembering when feeding our cosmic creatures.

"Let the diet be your first medication" (Hipokrates)

We can diversify peterbalds' diet with cottage cheese and quail eggs. We serve quail eggs 2-3 times a week, after prior scalding them with boiling water - though I have to say that they are not a delicacy for all peterbalds. On the other hand, an irresistible tidbit for even the most picking and choosing cats will be a slightly boiled salmon served once a week.

Daily diet of my peterbalds consists mainly of dry food (Royal and Almo Nature). Almo Nature Easy Digestible meets all my requirements to call it the best cat food. Cats are carnivores so let us provide meat in their food, not animal-origin products that cannot be called meat. Almo Nature is a holistic food containing over 70% meat so dosing of dry food is smaller. Only 40 g a day is enough to completely cover energetic demand of a peterbald.

My cats' favourite is Almo Nature with beef and groats, enriched with minerals and vitamins, as well as cans of Almo Nature which contain real meat fibres proving that it does not contain ground animal-origin products.

Diet supplementation is important when we give our cat home food. Then salmon oil, for instance, which contains Omega 3 fatty acids, will be a perfect ingredient of served food.

If we give our cats ready-made food of reputable companies supplementation is not necessary.
We should provide cats with constant access to fresh water. Filtered water or still water for children.

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