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07.07.2013 Planet Earth welcomed the new aliens. Go to the tab: Litter H

"Each litter consists of a number of kittens, which is match the number of prepared by the the universe suitable carers for kittens."

Litter E

Quite recently, knocked me LUCK and ordered me to share it with others.
These "happiness" to share I received several - in different colors.
They also assigned own sex, four feet, naked body, accompanied by a great heart,
and within them located is what is most important - a beautiful little soul of Peterbald.

»My kittens then and now (previous litters)«


 Kittens will be able to leave a cattery after 12 weeks of life. Each kitten will be disinfested, will have a pedigree, passport, necessary vaccinations, veterinary health state certificate as well as a chip.

We provide little peterbalds leaving our cattery with:
- dry food (Royal and Almo Nature)
- canned food (Royal and Almo Nature)
- several pictures from birth
- favourite blanket and toys

Before you buy a peterbald, remember that it does not like loneliness. If you do not have animals at home, if you are away for the whole day - buying a Petersburg Sphinx or any other animal will be a huge mistake I will surely not want to contribute to.

I sell peterbald kittens only to homes where there are animals. No matter how smart an animal would be, and no matter how high its IQ, the gap between an animal and human will be enormous. Sometimes it is difficult for us to reach an agreement with another person, not to mention a cat. A completely different species...

Remember that it is not enough to fill peterbald's bowls with good food to make it happy. We have to create a home for it as well as conditions we would like our children to live in.




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