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All information concerning care, health and nutrition are based on my own experience. Experience taken from life by the side of peterbalds.



Adult peterbalds enjoy good health but kittens are susceptible to upper respiratory system inflammations. During spring solstice, changes of seasons as well as during environment changes (new house), exhibitions or in stressful situations, I recommend giving Scanomune to peterbalds or its cheaper equivalent called Immunodol. These are preparations improving animal's immune system. Given to young kittens, they contribute to the creation of a stable immune system. In many cases, antibiotics can be avoided thanks to the use of these preparations. This applies both to small kittens and adult cats. This preparation turned out to be an excellent solution when treating laryngitis (it was possible to completely resign from antibiotics)

When changing food, especially in case of young peterbalds, an irreplaceable pharmaceutical is Provita Probiotyk, containing bacteria producing lactic acid, in order to avoid frequently occurring intestinal disorders and to stabilize the bacterial flora. As a result, the risk of diarrheas dangerous for small kittens is minimized.

If we decide that peterbalds should go for walks, we should remember about the application of a very UV high filter. My cats use 50+ UV filter. This is an odourless cream for children.

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