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All information concerning care, health and nutrition are based on my own experience. Experience taken from life by the side of peterbalds.



A permanent element of peterbalds' hygiene are their weekly baths. It does not look as terrible as it seems, unless we do it regularly, making a cat accustomed to water. Otherwise, a bathroom will become a battle-field where the victims will always be us because the bald, soapy peterbald will then change into a living soap impossible to be held in our hands.

Appropriate cosmetics for these beauty treatments may be cosmetics for infants as well as a series of veterinary cosmetic-dermatological preparations Vetriderm for sensitive and allergic skin that I use for kittens in my cattery.

The preparation I use in daily care, after prior washing of a cat with moist baby wipes, is Vetriderm Sensiwet Spray which moistens, softens and regenerates skin. The use of this preparation is important because it prevents excessive drying of skin, which is not protected with fur in case of peterbalds. This preparation has a number of advantages. One of them is increasing skin flexibility and supporting the healing of injuries owing to panthenol it contains, which accelerates regeneration.



peterbald_pielegnacja2 Although peterbalds' eyes unprotected by eyelashes secrete something similar to dense tears (to clean these eyes), they do not require daily care. Peterbalds perfectly manage to keep them clean on their own. I use preparations to wash their eyes and eyelids, e.g. Amiwet, only from time to time, or I use for this purpose ordinary physiological saline. But it also happens that peterbalds' eyes are producing tears heavily, conjuctivas are red and a kitten persistently scratches its eyelids. I do not recommend to save such a situation with domestic methods. A wise vet will achieve more than anything a breeder can do on his or her own.




Peterbald is not able to care for its ears on its own, therefore we have to help it. Cleaning of peterbalds' ears is not troublesome, though there are also tough cases, when it turns into a struggle with the cat...

We can use Ohren-Pflege (Dr.Clauder’s) care preparation for these hygienic treatments and clean thoroughly the auricle with a tampon soaked with it. After evaporation, this preparation leaves care substances on the ear surface, which prevent auricle drying. In my opinion this is an ideal substance, necessary for proper hygiene of these cats' ears.

Brown secretion which is a protective barrier accumulates in bare ears of peterbalds. We can say that this secretion is "glue for impurities". We can observe it when we do not clean peterbalds' ears. After some time we can find there for instance fine litter from litter boxes where they dig with great passion.




In order to keep peterbalds' teeth in perfect condition and to reduce the accumulation of bacteria on teeth surface, I use Dentisan Home Care once a week. This is a gel wax for sealing animal teeth. This patented technology provides long-term protection against teeth damage, protecting and them taking care of them at the same time. Dentisan is an odorless and tasteless preparation, therefore peterbalds tolerate these treatments quite bravely.

An important role in prevention of periodontal diseases in case of sphinx cats plays enzymatic paste. It is used for daily teeth care. This is a paste which in small quantities is applied to the mouth, so the cat does not protest and the owner sleeps soundly knowing that he did not drive the animal mad. Negligence in cat mouth cleaning may result in the formation of tartar, which results in inflammation by irritating gums.
The first alarming symptom is reddening in the area of tooth base.




Just like in case of every cat, claws should be cut every two weeks. To enable a peterbald to wear them down, it is good to provide a cat with a scratching post. It is important to remember that peterbald is not human and walking only on carpets and flat surfaces will sooner make it miserable than contribute to its gratitude for soft lining under its paws.

For this reason, it is important to provide a peterbald with the possibility of the highest climbing possible, by assembling scratch-posts of considerable sizes at home. Animal's gratitude will be great and it will surely express it by climbing the highest level every day to watch the surroundings from there.

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