"Our home belongs to cats. We just pay bills."

Koty i jaja5_3834465945 Unpleasant experiences open our eyes and suddenly we become aware of many things. We browse through our interiors, stock-taking our lives. Painful experiences always make us think and act... And so it was after the death of our beloved 8-year-old Persian kitty Albert -member of our family.

Not being able to bear his sudden passing, I decided to start cat breeding in order to fill the emptiness after the loss. This drama opened my eyes and in a way contributed to the challenges I have undertaken.

My goal is to breed a peterbald that will be as close to the adopted standard of perfection as possible and free from genetic defects of which I became aware looking at the pseudo-cattery of Persians that Albercik came from.

...but, first of all, cats are my passion, obsession and love I cannot imagine my life without.
This is an integral part of the family, which deserves love and respect. The only side effect of giving such feeling to cats may be getting it in return. When you give so much to a cat, he may not feel miserable because:

peterbald_o nas2_2964729221Leon-i-ja29036197751346102637"The ultimate happiness for a cat is attention,  
      conversation, caresses and love from a human.  
And for people there can be nothing more flattering  
         than devotion of such an independent creature."

Our cats are not aggressive, kept in a very friendly environment where they are regarded and treated as children. Our life is entirely devoted to cats. There is nothing more beautiful than friendship with these creatures and nothing more surprising than watching these four-leg friends imitating people’s behavior.

We make every effort to create such conditions so as to ensure that when you meet a cat already on the "Rainbow Bridge" - it has nothing complain about...


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